Blast Ball Info



Available for 3 & 4 Year Old’s: "Blast-Ball"

BLASTBALL is an excellent introductory game for girls wanting to play Softball. It allows for more action for the girl’s short attention span. More kids get to be involved which helps them retain interest in the Softball concept. The game is safe and uses a foam bat and ball with no gloves required. BLASTBALL! teaches the basic T-Ball and Softball fundamentals of hitting, throwing, and fielding while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. BLASTBALL will be in play during our regular Fall and Spring Season. 

Blast-Ball Preliminary League Rules

Willis Girls Softball Association Blast-Ball teams will abide by the following rules:

Players Age: Age requirements are that all players must be 3 years old on or before the first July 31st following the playing season, and must not be 5 years old on or before the first July 31st following the playing season.

Playing Field:

- Playing field will consist of 1st base loaded with a horn, home plate where batter will hit from a “Tee” and all defensive players will line up at least 40 feet away from home plate.
- Any ball hit 10 feet from home plate or past the fair ball marker will be considered a fair ball and the batter shall advance to 1st base.
- 1st base will be set at a distance of 50 feet from home plate.
- All players must wear team t-shirt supplied by WGSA. Hat and shirt must be worn during all games.
- No player shall wear a glove. The game ball is foam rubber and will be safe for kids to play without gloves.
- All equipment for Blast-Ball will be furnished to the team and coach by WGSA. The coach is responsible for the care and upkeep of the equipment. Coaches prior to the start of each game will pick-up and after the game return the Blast-Ball
equipment to the concession stand.
- WGSA furnished equipment will include: Blast balls, bat, batting tee, blast-ball 1st base, and (2) batting helmets and will be provided to all teams.
- Games shall last 45 minutes, at the end of 45 minutes the game will end and all play will cease. If the game is called because of darkness or inclement weather, it will be declared a complete game if twenty-five (25) minutes are completed prior to the stopping of play.
- No score or win/loss records will be kept.
- Each Blast-Ball team must have (2) coaches on the field of play at all times.
- No offensive player will be allowed on the field unless she is wearing a batting helmet.
- Each team will bat its entire roster in each inning one complete time, which will constitute a half inning of play. Each turn at bat the batting order will be reversed. (example: if a player bats last in the 1st inning he/she will bat first in the next inning). When at bat, the object is to hit a fair ball, reach the base and sound the horn before the defensive team fields the ball, holds it above their head and yells “WildKatz”. Each batter will return to the dugout after running to 1st base.
- Each batter will receive a maximum of 6 swings in which to hit a fair ball. A fair ball is any ball between the foul lines and past the 10-foot fair ball arc in front of home plate.
- When on defense, all players will play a defensive position at least 40 feet from home plate. No player shall play catcher. Defensive positions will be marked with squares and placed in the infield before the game. Defense will consist of 6 infielders and 1 pitcher.
- The home team will be responsible for setting up the field for the game.
- Coaches will also serve as umpires while on the field.